Merge Mansion Romantic Spot & Item Required

In our Merge Mansion Romantic Spot & Item Required guide, we are going to show you how to get the Love Story item necessary to unlock the new area in the game. As it turns out, it’s the end of a long merge chain. To make things worse, getting the items needed for this chain is a pain in the butt in and of itself. Hopefully, this article is going to help you cut down on the frustration.

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merge mansion romantic spot & item required
Merge Mansion Romantic Spot & Item Required

How to Unlock Romantic Spot with Required Item in Merge Mansion

To unlock the Merge Mansion Romantic Spot, you need to unlock the required item from the Love Story merge chain. Specifically, you need the item called Newborn Baby, which is the final point in the chain. The icon is a baby bottle, as you can see when attempting to access the Romantic Spot. Okay, so now that we know what you need, how do you actually get it? Well, first off, you need to get a Vase from the Drawer. Then, you have to wait for the timer to run out, after which you can break the Vase. It will then drop a Pouch, which is the first level of a merge chain. Rinse and repeat until you can reach Level 5 of the chain, which is Family Locket II.

The next step to get the item required to unlock the Romantic Spot in Merge Mansion is to tap the Locket seven times. This drops the first thing in the Love Story chain. Now you have to start merging. There are twelve steps to this chain, and you need to go all the way: Private Handsome > The Beautiful Debutante > A Romantic Gesture > First Date Nerves > Love Blossoms > Sweets for my Sweet > Sugar for my Sugar > Valentine’s Bouquet > Two Hearts Become One > Two Rings > Wedded Bliss > Newborn Baby. One thing that we need to mention before we wrap up is that the timer of the vases is shorter the higher level they are. Level 1 Vases can break after six hours, Level 2 after three, and Level 3 Vases after “just” one hour.

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  1. S

    The things that needs to be mentioned here is that it takes SIX hours for vase time to run out. That is a long wait so it is best to clear about as much space on your board as you can. The more vases at one time the better, otherwise it will take you FOREVER to get to merge to the top level.

    1. J

      I mention the wait times at the end.

    2. A

      Yes… seems that they updated the vases level 2 and 3 to drop sharpnel and pouch. Worth merging. To save some time and space

    3. Z

      Well, the baby bottle and the baby shoes (which I had already since I was trying to finish this one until the next level cap to another area) just got swapped yesterday. Now the goal is the baby shoes.

      Indeed, the ability to get shrapnels from higher level vases in just an hour is good news, but it’s at the expense of much more moves, so manage them carefully…

      Also, the lockets can now drop higher level “love story” items, which is another good news.

    4. E

      If you combine the vases that tke 6 hours, the ones created take less time!

    5. S

      If you merge the vases the time decreases, if you get to the pink one it’s just an hour

      1. M

        Hi everyone. Can I pls ask once I’ve placed Maddies shoes do I need the other items left over afterwards.

  2. G
    Geo Man

    Is there a level requirement? I figure its higher than I currently am… L23… as I just started playing Merge Mansion about a month ago.


    1. Z

      Not sure. Some areas unlock after you reach a given llevel, some seem to start right after they add them. I you don’t have anything related to this one in your tasks list, then maybe it triggers at a given level, yes.

    2. N

      Wow Geo Man. If you’ve reached Level 23 in just a month you are doing incredibly well … or I was doing incredibly poorly. Probably both! Well done!

  3. S

    Sorry, I missed that. :-/

  4. D
    Debbie Janes

    I have found that if you merge a few of the vases to the pink one, they will break with same results in a much quicker time!! Hope that helps. Never noticed it before but maybe just for this challenge??

    1. Z

      No, it’s new from yesterday’s suprise update,, what’s why.

  5. P

    I’ve been playing the game for a long time. Someday I’ll need those baby shoes so that they’ll be ready in advance. They’ve been waiting in my garage for maybe a year. When the Romantic Spot came on and the first task was those shoes, it was such a great feeling to just take them off!😎

  6. E

    I’m on iPhone, does everyone else’s L7 Drawers take 6 1/2 hours to regenerate???

    1. C

      Yes, mine takes aboit 6h to recharge.

    2. J

      I’m on iPhone & the drawers are at L7 it still takes me 6 hrs to break. It takes 16 vases for a family locket. This challenge is absolutely absurd

  7. J

    So what do we do with all the lockets we’re collecting while playing the Romantic Spot because I’ve already “won’ 5 since beginning this area.

    1. A

      It’s Merge Mansion so you merge them 🙂

      1. J

        Yes I guess I was just wondering more because we’ve already unlocked the romantic spot with the shoes and now what will we need items.from the lockets for? They take up an awful lot of space. That was more where my question was coming from.

        1. S

          I completed the love story chain and unlocked the new Romatic Area. I have been getting the family lockets now as rewards for completing other tasks.
          Anyone past this area and know if we need them? I have about 10 of them now and am running out of room on my board and my vault. I don’t want to merge the drops into something unless I know what it is.

          1. C
            Connie Jean

            I have the same question. I have 6 in storage. From Merge Mansion wiki task list it looks like will end up with 11 of them total. Plus receive sugar for my sugar on step 98 and need wedded bliss to input on step 99 on the last step. Print the list if you can it will help you know what items will be needed next. As to the lockets I am on step 256 of 259 of the maze, and plan on working the lockets after I finish. I will not have the space for them till then. Hope this helps.

    2. L

      I’ve found a way to save “won” items without adding them to the garage/storage area. When you get something like the daily piggy bank, or an item won by finishing a task, it ends up beneath your garage items. If you don’t need it at the moment you can leave it there. But if there’s something behind it you DO need, you have to move whatever item is first on the list. That used to mean adding stuff to your garage until you get the item you want. Not anymore! Say you have a piggy bank showing under your garage, but you know you have a treasure chest behind it that you want. But you don’t want to add the piggy bank to your garage yet. Here’s what you do… (don’t tell MM this hack, they may “fix it so we can’t do this anymore). First, make sure all the spaces in your garage are full. And at least one spot with something you don’t mind selling, like a 1 point item. Sell that item, then add that piggy bank in the open space. Then go to the top and hit UNDO. The bank disappears back to the bottom, AT THE BACK OF WHATEVER YOU HAVE THERE, and your sold item reappears. Sell it again, then add the next item from the bottom. Keep doing this until you get the item you want. Everything else will stay below in unlimited storage until you need it. I leave my piggies there until I have four, and I probably have 6-7 one hour jumps there too. Now that I’m getting a bunch of the man/woman/baby lockets I don’t need (at the moment) I’ll store them there also, in case they come in handy later. Sure, after a while it takes some time to scroll through all the items to find the one you want, but the extra storage is well worth it.

  8. C

    Thia is such an absurd task! If my math is correct, you need 2,048 vases to unlock this area! Considering you have a level 7 drawer, it would take at least 62 days to get the newborn baby :/

    1. A

      It does indeed take a long time but one of the game’s recommended strategy is to have several of each of the generator items such as chests, toolboxes, broom closets etc .. With the upgrade allowing the lv 3 vases to be ready in 1 hour time needed is shorter. Also the locket doesn’t only drop lv 1 items which helps as well

      1. J

        On iPhone L3 doesn’t have drops. It starts dropping at L4 unless that changed in the last update. I don’t have any L4’s just L4 & L7. This challenge is a PAIN

    2. F
      Francoise Evans

      Pretty long but always better than 9 months🤪

  9. E

    Why is it that I have Broom Cabinets L5, 6 and 9 and they all take the same 3+ hours to charge and only seem to put out part of what the full charge should?

  10. E

    Why is it my Broom Closets L5, 6 and 9 all take the same 3+ hours to charge and only seem to give out half the items when fully charged? I’m going to be here forever!

  11. L

    I read elsewhere that you need the baby shoes to close out the romantic spot. I have started to harvest the drops from the family lockets because having a bunch of unfinished items might take up less space than all those family lockets.

    1. L

      After finishing the Romantic Spot, I found that I did not need the contents of the lockets or the baby shoes.

      1. B

        Thanks for the update. Now that you are further in the game than me can I sell all the items I am dropping from the lockets to save space as they are not needed to finish the Romantic spot? Are they needed for anything further in the game?

  12. K

    I was able to earn a couple of Ursula’s blue cards. This allowed me to level up my love story items VERY quickly. So now I have ten full-level lockets and don’t need them. I am trying to determine if I can sell them (for a whopping 12 coins).

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