DMC Peak of Combat Tier List

Devil May Cry (or DMC, as it is more commonly referred to) is a long-running action-adventure series that is known for its slick and exciting combat. Loosely based on Dante’s Divine Comedy, it features characters such as Dante, Vergil, Nero, Lucia, V, and many more. Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat is the latest game in the DMC series. A mobile spin-off, it likewise features the majority of the characters that have appeared throughout the mainline series. And, if you want to play the game at an optimal level, you will need to know which one of these perform the best. So to help you decide which characters you should focus on, we have ranked all the Devil May Cry mobile tier list characters according to how powerful they are in our DMC Peak of Combat Tier List.

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DMC Peak of Combat Tier List
DMC Peak of Combat Tier List

Devil May Cry Peak of Combat Tier List of Best Characters

Now, before we get into the rankings, a couple of things we need to note. First of all, the game has only recently been released. That means that we haven’t had too much time to play around with it and because of that, it’s best to consider this a work in progress – one that we’re going to revisit in the future. Also, the only factor that we considered when making it is raw power. Things such as design and backstory weren’t taken into account. If you think that we ranked a DMC POC character too high or too low, feel free to tell us why that is down in the comments. We also have a list of all the codes for DMC Peak of Combat, and invite you to read through that as well. And now, let’s see the DMC Peak of Combat Tier List itself:

  • S Tier: Dante (Imperial Guard), Vergil, and Vergil (Count Thunder).
  • A Tier: Lady, Nero (Fist of Salvation), Dante, Nero (One Man Show), Vergil (Legendary Ronin), Nero, and Dante (Devil Claw).
  • B Tier: Vergil (Demon Smasher), Knight of the Order, Vergil (Nomadic Lightning), V, and Lady (Spark Igniter).
  • C Tier: Swift Arsenal and Devil Hunter.
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