Door 50 Code in Doors Roblox

If you want to know what is the code for Door 50 in Doors Roblox, you’ve come to the right place! Untitled Door Game is one of the many new skill-based games in Roblox where players are tasked to open various doors. Players do this by completing the increasingly harder puzzles on that journey. However, sometimes you simply get stuck no matter what. In this guide, we provide the code to open Door 50 in Untitled Door Game’s Underground zone.

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Door 50 Code in Doors Roblox
Untitled Door Game Door 50 Code

What is the code for Door 50 in Doors Roblox?

As the name implies, Room 50 is the fiftieth room in the Untitled Door Game. Simultaneously it is the 25th room of the Underground zone, being the final room of that level. Hence, naturally is one of the hardest puzzles in the game. The code for this room will be given to you at the end of the dialogue with the Task Brick Helper. Here’s the complete dialogue.

  • Task Brick Helper: Alright. This is a little complicated, but let me explain.
  • Player: Alright.
  • Task Brick Helper: The keypad is at the end of this lava hallway. You will have to input the code there.
  • Player: What next?
  • Task Brick Helper: The door will open, but you will have limited time to enter it before it closes!
  • Player: How much time do I have?
  • Task Brick Helper: You have about 16 seconds.
  • Player: Got it.
  • Task Brick Helper: Good luck. The code is 9001.

So there you have it – the Door 50 code in Doors Roblox is 9001. Once you know the code, do the lava obstacle course (obby) as instructed by the Helper, enter the code, and press the green button. From there, you’ll have 16 seconds to go back to the door. With that said, our “Door 50 Code in Doors Roblox” guide is completed.

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