DMZ Where to Find IFAK, Health Conscious Mission

Call of Duty Warzone 2 Season 2 is here! And when it comes to DMZ, there’s a lot to unpack! This guide explains what IFAK is in DMZ and where to find it to complete the Extract 1 IFAK task for the Legion’s Tier 1 Health Conscious mission.

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DMZ Extract IFAK, Health Conscious
DMZ IFAK Meaning Explained

Where to Find IFAK for Health Conscious Mission

Before we explain where to find 1 IFAK for the Health Conscious mission, let’s first establish what this actually is, as it seems there’s a lot of confusion about it. IFAK stands for “Individual First Aid Kit”. It is essentially a trauma medical kit. As the mission briefing says, “our operators have sustained injuries”, and our “medical supplies in the FOB are running low”. Hence, that’s why we need to acquire this first aid kit. Now that we know what we’re actually looking for, let’s see where you can find and Extract 1 IFAK.

As with most items in DMZ, IFAK is not guaranteed to be a drop from any specific location. Rather, it’s a random drop. However, locations that would naturally contain this item have higher chances of dropping it compared to some “illogical” places to look for such an item. And just like you look in the Server Building for a GPU, you will look for medical supplies in healthcare-related locations.

Thus, the best chances to find IFAK in DMZ are around hospitals and other medical locations. In particular, check out every medicine cabinet and first aid kid box you stumble upon, and you will find 1 IFAK in no time. As you can see in our image below, we’ve found one in a First Aid Kit box. And that’s where we advise you to look as well. With that said, our DMZ IFAK Health Conscious mission guide is completed. If you have any other questions, please – ask us in the comments section!

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