Doors Skeleton Key Guide

In Doors Roblox, you need to make your way to Door 100. Along the way, your progress is going to be impeded by various evil Entities. Luckily, you aren’t completely defenseless here, as there are several items you can obtain which will help you do things such as light your surroundings, heal yourself, and open locked doors. The Skeleton Key is one such item, and it is a very useful addition to your inventory. If you were wondering how to get the Skeleton Key and where you can use it, our Doors Skeleton Key guide is here to help you understand this item and its importance in the game.

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Doors Skeleton Key Guide
Doors Skeleton Key Guide

How to Get Skeleton Key in Doors Roblox

The only way to get the Skeleton Key is via Jeff’s Shop. This is a shop that spawns at Door #52. There are always four items for sale here, which include the Flashlight, Vitamins, Skeleton Key, Lighter, and Crucifix. These are randomized, but the Skeleton Key is guaranteed to be one of them. It costs 250 Gold, so make sure you have saved up enough to buy it.

How to Use Skeleton Key in Doors Roblox

The Skeleton Key used to function similarly to the Lockpick item, only that it unlocked five doors instead of just one like the Lockpick does. But, with the latest update to the game, this is no longer the case. Instead, the Skeleton Key unlocks the door with the large skull on it. Once you have bought it, head to the Infirmary (it is usually Door #55). Once there, you will see that there is a door with the Skull lock on it. Use the Skeleton Key to get inside The Rooms there. Once open, you are going to see a lot of items and Gold for you to pick up. And make sure that you interact with the Plant. Doing this will get you the “Herb of Viridis” Achievement.

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