Doors Crucifix Explained

Doors is a hit Roblox horror survival game in which you need to progress through a series of doors until you reach Door 100. Along the way, you are going to need to evade the malevolent Entities that want to hurt you. There are many ways to do this, with one of these being the Crucifix item. But how does this item even work, and how can you get it? The answers to both of these questions are revealed in our Doors Crucifix Explained guide.

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Doors Crucifix Explained
Doors Crucifix Explained

How to Get Crucifix in Doors Roblox

There are several ways to get the Crucifix in Doors. The first method requires that you find Jeff’s Shop. This shop spawns at Door 52, and it has several items that you can buy there, which include the Flashlight, Vitamins, Skeleton Key, Lighter, and, of course, the Crucifix itself. Only four items are available in the shop, so it isn’t guaranteed that the Crucifix is going to be one of them. It costs 250 Gold, so make sure that you have enough Gold Coins to get it. You can also randomly find the Crucifix on top of doors and in drawers.

How to Use the Crucifix in Doors Roblox

So now that you have the Crucifix in your possession, you’re probably wondering what does the Crucifix do in Doors? Well, this item can be used on damaging Entities, and will cause them to get chained to that floor. As such, it works great against Dupe and other such creatures. It is less effective against The Figure and Seek Entities, as it won’t permanently take them out of action. Instead, it will stun and chain them in place for a short time, allowing you to make your escape. Note that the Crucifix is a single-use item that disappears once you have used it on an Entity.

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    why does the crucifix only stun seek and figure??? the crucifix is basically god protecting you and doors really thinks figure and seek is stronger then god?? heck no this is so unfair

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    Dude, no one cares. It’s just a roblox game

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