Dragon Quest Treasures Best Monsters to Recruit

Dragon Quest is a long-running series of RPGs. The first game was released all the way back in 1986. Since then, there have been dozens of Dragon Quest titles – both in the main series, as well as in its various spin-offs. The latest of these is Dragon Quest Treasures. In it, you take on the role of Erik and Mia, as they go treasure hunting in a strange new land. There, they will encounter all sorts of monsters. Some of these will be aggressive to them, while others you will be able to catch and befriend so that they aid you. In this guide, we’re going to see which monsters are the best ones to recruit in Dragon Quest Treasures.

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Dragon Quest Treasures Best Monsters to Recruit
Dragon Quest Treasures Best Monsters to Recruit

Best Monsters to Recruit in Dragon Quest Treasures

Here are the best Monsters to catch and recruit to your party

  • King Slime. You can get this Monster very early on, during your first visit to Patternoggin. If you manage to catch it, you will receive a Monster that can deal both physical attacks, as well as fire spell damage, making it a versatile attacker.
  • Hades Condor. Another Paternoggin Monster, it can be encountered on top of the cliffs between Palatial Plains and Teardrop Falls. While not very strong defensively, the Hades Condor has a number of potent ranged attacks. Not to mention – the Heal ability, which it will use if any of your party members are low on health.
  • Greasy Palm. A Stealth Forte Monster, you can find it at The Maneland, near Bonedry Heights. Decent in both defensive and offensive capabilities, with a lot of handy AoE attacks.
  • Dune Stalker. Obtainable in The Maneland, from Levels 15 to 18. Extremely powerful attacker.
  • Great Sabercat. This Sprint Forte Monster will allow you to quickly sprint around the gameworld.
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