Drifter or Operator Warframe New War Choice

The Drifter or Operator Warframe New War choice is something you’ll have to contend with while playing the new quest chain. It seems like a very important choice, something that you might get stuck with permanently. In reality, while it does hold some weight, it’s nothing to lose sleep over. We’ll explain why in this guide, but do understand that it is technically a very slight spoiler.

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drifter or operator warframe new war choice
Drifter or Operator Warframe New War Choice

Warframe New War Drifter or Operator Choice

The choice of Drifter or Operator in Warframe New War seems extremely important, as you’ve probably gleaned from the introduction, but it actually isn’t that major. You’re free to choose whichever you find more appealing, as there will be no long-lasting consequences whichever way you opt to go. Why? Because it will only last for the duration of the quest. You’re not going to be stuck as either the Operator or the Drifter for the rest of time or anything like that. The developers wouldn’t do you dirty like that, not in Warframe.

And if you want to know for certain this is the case, I’ve got you covered there, too. One of the Warframe forum administrator comments on the very topic confirms what I’m telling you. It reads: “Don’t think too hard about it! Pick your favorite out of the two, and then direct your focus to your Transference chair in your Orbiter after the Quest.” So, the Warframe New War Drifter or Operator choice is nothing to agonize about. Whatever you pick will only last until the quest is done. Just go whichever route you like best.

Now, with all of that said, I do have to mention that, according to this post, you won’t be able to replay the New War quest. Not at the moment, anyway, but it is a “potential 2022 addition.” So, whatever you do end up choosing, Drifter or Operator, make sure to savor it.

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