Dubai Shortcuts - Hitman 3

Shortcuts in Hitman 3 allow you to quickly access more areas of a map in later playthroughs. There’s four of them in Dubai, the first map you’ll explore. Some will require keys, others will require crowbars to break open, but all of them will stay unlocked once you first access them. If you’re wondering where to find them, our Hitman 3 Dubai Shortcuts guide will show you.

hitman 3 dubai shortcuts
Dubai Shortcuts – Hitman 3

Where to find shortcuts in Dubai?

The first one is the atrium lobby door. From the starting point, go up the stairs and to the right. Enter the bathroom, and get the keycard from the attendant. Go through the other door and into the maintenance corridor. Follow it, go down the stairs and open the glass door leading to the atrium.

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Next up is the helipad ladder. Go up the stairs from the atrium and head left. When you get to the blue wall, head right into the corridor, then immediately turn left and go through the door with the “restricted access” sign. You’ll need a staff disguise to get there.

Grab the crowbar from the floor and head up the stairs, then up the scaffolding on the left. When you climb to the next floor, you’ll be tresspassing – a penthouse guard uniform can help. Go to the other side of the building and exit through the glass door – you’ll find the top of the ladder there. Use the crowbar to lower them.

Then there’s the ventilation area ladder. You can reach it by going to the penthouse, then out onto the balcony. Hop over the edge onto the water-covered floor and head right. You’ll see a maintenance door in the wall with the waterfall. Go through it and you’ll end up in the ventilation area. The ladder is on the other side of the room, and you can unlock it with a crowbar.

The last one is the penthouse terrace ladder, which is accessible by going to the left in the room with the water-covered floor. Once you’re out, go near the golf platform and you’ll see a trap door. Open it and use the crowbar to unlock the ladder.

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