Dartmoor Murder Mystery in Hitman 3 - Means, Motive & Opportunity Mission

Hitman 3 Means, Motive and Opportunity mission, aka Dartmoor Murder Mystery, is a side quest of sorts that you can complete on your hunt for Alexa Carlisle. As the name implies, to solve the Hitman 3 Dartmoor Murder Mystery, you will have to figure out who had the means, motive, and opportunity to commit the crime. This is both a fun side activity, and it brings you closer to your target, even making her trust you. It’s great. That said, it might stump you. With that said, here’s our Dartmoor Murder Mystery in Hitman 3 – Means, Motive & Opportunity Mission guide to help you out.

dartmoor murder mystery in hitman 3 means motive & opportunity mission
Dartmoor Murder Mystery in Hitman 3 – Means, Motive & Opportunity Mission

How to Start Hitman 3 Dartmoor Murder Mystery – Means, Motive and Opportunity Mission

To start the Dartmoor Murder Mystery in Hitman 3, aka the Means, Motive and Opportunity mission, you first have to dispose of the actual detective, Phineas Whitmer. You can do so while he’s making his way to the house. However, there are many potential witnesses out there, so it’ll be pretty tricky. An easier approach would be to go inside the manor and wait for Whitmer to arrive. Then, stalk him until you can catch him alone. Knock him out (or shoot him) and hide the body, then take his clothes. Go talk with the butler, Mr. Fernsby, and tell him that you’re ready to go. Mr. Fernsby will take you to Zachary’s bedroom, where the investigation proper begins.

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How to Complete Hitman 3 Means, Motive and Opportunity Mission – Dartmoor Murder Mystery

To complete the Hitman 3 Means, Motive and Opportunity mission, or the Dartmoor Murder Mystery, the first step is to explore Zachary’s bedroom. Obviously, your first target is the body, which you can scan to find out the time and cause of death. There’s also his laptop, a totally legit suicide note, a bottle of whiskey, and the floor plan of the mansion. If you use Instinct to inspect the bookcase to the left of the room’s door, you’ll find another interesting little discovery.

The next step you can take is to interrogate the people of interest. Fernsby can give you a list, and will also note that he doesn’t have an alibi. After that, you can proceed to the Sitting Room, where you’ll find Gregory Carlisle, his wife Emma, and his sister Rebecca. The younger Carlisle brother, Edward, is in the Dining Room, near the grand piano. Lastly, there’s Patrick Carlisle, Gregory and Emma’s son, in the Trophy Room.

From these conversations, you’ll see that Edward and Gregory’s alibis match up, so it’s most likely not them. Patrick has mentioned a staff member called Rosie, whom you can find in the Staff Room in the southeast of the house. If you question her, you’ll see that Patrick’s alibi also checks out. That basically leaves us with three options – Rebecca, Fernsby, or Emma. We have to dig deeper.

Where to Find Dartmoor Murder Mystery Clue Locations in Hitman 3 Means, Motive & Opportunity Mission?

To find more clue locations in the Dartmoor murder mystery and complete the Hitman 3 Means, Motive & Opportunity mission, you’ll have to break into the rooms of Rebecca, Fernsby, and Emma. You can do so “peacefully,” you’ll have to find a key. Alternatively, you can find a crowbar outside the mansion. Or you can parkour along the building and enter via balcony in some cases. FI you do use the crowbar, make sure that nobody sees you using it, or they’ll raise the alarm.

So, we’ll start with Fernsby’s room, which is right next to the aforementioned Staff Room. In here, you’ll find Mr. Fernsby’s Pills, Mr. Fernsby’s List, and Zachary’s Half-Burnt Diary in the fireplace. Not exactly kosher, but also no real evidence.

The next stop is Rebecca’s room, which is on Level 1, in the southeast corner of the manor. Inside her room, you’ll find a laptop, which confirms Rebecca’s alibi, as well as her notebook. The handwriting doesn’t match the fake suicide note, so we’ve cleared Rebecca.

Lastly, there’s Emma’s room, which she shares with Gregory. It’s on the same floor as Rebecca’s, just in the northwest corner. Here’s where things get spicy. Inside this room, you’ll find the Greenhouse Key Chain, the Bulldog Cane, and shoes and footprints. Also, you’ll find a letter written by Emma’s mom, which… well, I’m not gonna spoil anything.

Of course the Greenhouse Key Chain is a lead in and off itself. Head into the Greenhouse behind the manor (it’s also locked, so take the crowbar with you). Once inside, you’ll find lab equipment, as well as the Poison Dosage Table. At this point, you should be putting the pieces together.

How to Solve Means, Motive & Opportunity Hitman 3 Mission in Darmtoor Murder Mystery?

To solve the Hitman 3 Means, Motive & Opportunity mission and bring an end to the Darmtoor Murder Mystery, go and talk to Mr. Fernsby after finding all the clues you need. He’ll then take you to talk with Alexa Carlisle, who is your target. You can present your findings to her, and decide who you’re going to blame. Note that Zachary will not be available as a choice if you’ve confirmed his alibi through interviews.

The most likely suspect is, of course, Emma, but you can still through Fernsby under the bus, if you should so choose. It’s always the butler, after all. Whoever you decide to accuse, Alexa will ask if you want a reward. You can ask her for the case file, if you haven’t already stolen it from her safe. Alternatively, you can just tell her you’ll be billing her later. Best of all, your prey now trusts you. Do what you must at your convenience.

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