Duckie's Whiskey Location - Life is Strange: True Colors

In the first chapter of Life is Strange: True Colors, you will need to figure out the exact location of Duckie’s favorite whiskey. In order to figure out the exact location of this bottle of rye, you will need to play detective and do a bit of sleuthing around the place. Or, you can simply follow our Duckie’s Whiskey Location – Life is Strange: True Colors guide. Here, we will show you precisely where the whiskey is located, as well as what you need to do in order to pick it up.

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Duckie's Whiskey Location - Life is Strange True Colors

Where to find Duckie’s Whiskey – Life is Strange: True Colors

After taking the Duckie and Diane order, Duckie will tell you to ask Jed for his usual and that he will know what this means. After telling Jed what Duckie and Diane want to eat, it will turn out that the usual is a special type of rye whisky. That is why Jed always has a bottle for him. Only, it appears that the bottle is missing. Jed will remember that Duckie took it upstairs last night and will recommend you search for it there.

Before doing that, Alex will comment that there must be something around the Black Lantern which will give her a clue where to look for it. The hint in question can be found on the Wall of Shame, which is next to the bathrooms. In one of the pictures here, you will see Duckie passed out drunk on the couch. So, now you know where you need to look. So, head on upstairs. When you have arrived there, ignore everything else in the room and walk straight to the couch. You will get the option to Search it. After doing that, you will have found out the location of Duckie’s Whiskey. All that’s left now is to go back down with the bottle in hand.

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