Tales of Arise SP Farming - How to Get Skill Points

The matter of SP Farming and how to get skill points in Tales of Arise is an important aspect of the game. Earning Skill Points is necessary in order to level your characters up in order to battle through threats that come later on in the game. So, you’re gonna want to know how to get SP and farm it efficiently. That’s exactly what we’ll be showing you in our Tales of Arise SP Farming – How to Get Skill Points guide.

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tales of arise sp farming how to get skill points
Tales of Arise SP Farming – How to Get Skill Points

How to Get SP in Tales of Arise

To get SP in Tales of Arise, aka Skill Points, there are two things that you can do – clear battles and complete subquests. The latter do reward you with more Skill Points, so make sure to do the side missions as often as you can. Of course, combat is also a great way to grind out SP, so don’t flee from random encounters too often. All of that stuff is necessary to upgrade your characters, which you’ll absolutely have to do if you want to be ready for the later challenges. In fact, knowing this kind of game, you might have to do some grinding anyway. One last thing to mention: all characters will get the same amount of SP you earn.

Tales of Arise SP Farming Tips

There are two tips for farming Skill Points in Tales of Arise that we can give you. The first one is to make sure to high a battle score as you can in combat. You can do this by increasing the difficulty and completing the encounters as fast as possible. Other than that, you can use the Lucky Cat and Golden Lucky Cat artifacts. Both of these grant you more SP in battle. Last, but not least, there’s the Drums of the Master and Drums of the Legend artifacts. Both of them increase your battle score, which goes toward the amount of Skill Points you earn in the end.

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