Dwarf Fortress Feed Animals

While Dwarf Fortress has been around for a long time, it existed in ASCII form. That is, until recently, when it got a visual upgrade and was released on Steam. Naturally, this also brought a big influx of new players, many of who are confused by the way Dwarf Fortress works. For example, what do you need to do to keep your animals from starving? The way to feed animals in Dwarf Fortress isn’t obvious, and it depends on whether they are Carnivorous or Herbivores. Read on to learn how this is done.

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Dwarf Fortress Feed Animals
Dwarf Fortress Feed Animals

How to Feed Animals in Dwarf Fortress

As of right now, you only need to worry about how to feed Herbivores. Carnivorous animals fend for themselves. Of course, this being Dwarf Fortress, this could end up being changed sometime in the future. Now, onto the Herbivores themselves. They require grazing grounds. So, the first thing that you will need to do here is to create a zone with a pasture. Look in the Zone menu for this option. After that, you will then need to assign the animals you want to go there. To do this, select the pasture and then click on the icon with the bunny to add the animals you want to send there.

Another thing that you need to be aware of here is the size of the pasture relative to the size and number of the Herbivores there. For example, an Elk requires a much bigger pasture size than a Goat. One last thing to consider here is that a patrue can get overcrowded – even if every animal there has enough grazing room. This can lead to animals getting aggressive and attacking one another. If that happens, the solution is – to either enlarge the pasture, or to keep fewer animals inside of it.

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