Dwarf Fortress Seeds, Get More Plump Helmet Seeds

In our Dwarf Fortress Seeds, Get More Plump Helmet Seeds guide, we are going to cover some very important points on how this mechanic works in the game. This is a simulation, and it takes that aspect very seriously. We will show you how to get more Seeds to plant in general, and Plump Helmet Seeds in particular, because that seems to be a major sticking point. Here we go!

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dwarf fortress seeds get more plump helmet seeds
Dwarf Fortress Seeds, Get More Plump Helmet Seeds

How to Get More Seeds in Dwarf Fortress

There are five different ways to get more seeds in Dwarf Fortress. The first one is trading, of course, but that’s not exactly the most reliable of methods. Next, you can simply eat plants and fruit raw, or brew them at a Still. The fourth option is milling plants at a Quern or Millstone. Last, but not least, processing plants at a Farmer’s Workshop will net you seeds, too. Do not cook plants if you want seeds.

Now, there are a few addendums here. First off, you put Seeds in Bags, so make sure to have a few on you at all times. You get Bags from a Clothier’s Shop. Secondly, some plants never drop seeds, no matter what you do. Thirdly, growing plants is seasonal in Dwarf Fortress. Each season has three months, and each month lasts twenty-eight in-game days. Do not sow winter seeds in the summer, for example, or you’ll just waste them.

How to Get Plump Helmet Seeds in Dwarf Fortress

In order to get Plump Helmet Seeds in Dwarf Fortress, your Dwarfs have to eat the plant raw or brew them into booze. Again, make sure you have some Bags to collect the Seeds. If you cook the Plump Helmets, you will get nothing in return. So, make sure to rescind the permission to cook Plump Helmets from the kitchen. In fact, you need to straight-up forbid it. Otherwise, the Dwarfs will just eat them all, and you’ll be seedless. Of course, you can always trade for more when the caravan rolls around, but it’s best to not get yourself into that situation. That’s desperate times.

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