How to Eat Sushi - No More Heroes 3

Figuring out how to eat sushi in No More Heroes 3 is fairly important to your success in the game. This is because eating sushi lets you gain different sorts of buffs, but more importantly, that’s how you regain health during battle. However, the whole food system seems to be confusing to some players. That’s why we’ve put together our how to eat sushi guide, in which we’ll show you how to get sushi and eat during combat.

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how to eat sushi no more heroes 3
How to Eat Sushi – No More Heroes 3

No More Heroes 3 How to Eat Sushi

To eat sushi in No More Heroes 3, the first step is to get some. To do that, find one of the Don-Mai Sushi stands that are scattered across the map. Once you find one of them, approach the stand and press A in order to enter the restaurant’s menu. At that point, you have the choice between eat-in and takeout. You switch between these two options by pressing the RB and LB buttons. If you choose to dine in, you eat your meal right then and there. However, if you choose takeout, that basically means you have buffs and health items with you.

Now, different kinds of sushi replenish your health and give you various buffs. That being the case, you always want to have some on you at all times. With that said, there’s still the matter of eating on the go. Well, if you’re wondering how to eat sushi in No More Heroes 3 during battle, for example, we’ve got you covered.

First off, you switch between the different sushi pieces in your inventory by pressing the left and right d-pad arrows on the left controller. When you find the one you want to eat, press the up arrow. Your character will show down and get some health back. However, keep in mind that you’re vulnerable to attacks while eating, so make sure to only do it when you know you won’t be attacked for a few seconds.

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