Eclair Cookie Toppings Cookie Run Kingdom

Cookie Run Kingdom is a really fun and popular mobile game in which you control magical cookies. One of the secrets to its success is that it is constantly adding new and exciting content. The latest of these is the Eclair Cookie. This Epic cookie was released as part of the War Under Shattered Skies update. Eclair Cookie is a Support class and his position is in the Middle. Of course, like all the other Cookie characters, it’s important to choose the best toppings for him. In this Eclair Cookie Toppings Cookie Run Kingdom guide, we will do exactly that – tell you which toppings make for the best Eclair Cookie build.

Eclair Cookie Toppings Cookie Run Kingdom

Toppings For Eclair Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom

Eclair Cookie and Tea Knight Cookie are two Cookies that have been added to Cookie Run Kingdom with this latest update. Eclair Cookie’s description reveals a lot about him as a character: “When you’re looking around the museum, taking a look at the ancient relics that hold mysteries and stories untold, it feels as if the whole world has grown peaceful and silent. That’s usually when the curator of this museum will approach you with a gentle and kind greeting. Eclair Cookie, at your service!

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With an entire dessert covered in premium fondant icing adorning his hat, he’ll greet guests of the museum with elegance and grace, all while making sure there’s no trace of dust to be found. But it must be said that he tends to go overboard with his explanations whenever a guest shows interest in his favorite topic: dragon-fighter Cookies! Which is precisely why he’s mostly seen in his office, writing reports on these brave and heroic dragon-fighter Cookies. He may be sitting in front of his desk, but do not underestimate his scholarly heart—for his passion for history burns bright as any other adventurer exploring this world.”

Now, as for his best toppings, the game update featuring this new character has only just been released. As such, we didn’t have too much time to test everything out. However, one particular build has definitely stood out from the rest, and that is the full Swift Chocolate Set. This gives Eclair Cookie a much-needed cooldown reduction to his abilities, so he can continue using them faster.

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