Tea Knight Cookie Toppings Cookie Run Kingdom

The best Cookie Run Kingdom Tea Knight Cookie toppings and build are a matter of some discussion amongst the fans. How could it not be, given that it’s one of the brand new cookies added in the new update (the other being Eclair)? Well, we’re throwing our hat into the ring with this guide. In it, we’ll give you a few build ideas that we think would work well with Tea Knight Cookie.

tea knight cookie toppings cookie run kingdom
Tea Knight Cookie Toppings Cookie Run Kingdom

Toppings for Tea Knight Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom

The best toppings for a Cookie Run Kingdom Tea Knight Cookie build are probably either all Solid Almond or all Swift Chocolate. These are preliminary build ideas, of course; the cookie has just launched, so we have to kinda play it by ear for now. We’ll add more details once we’ve all had the chance to try the Tea Knight Cookie out. However, I think that a full Solid Almond or Swift Chocolate build might be the way to go. Perhaps a mix of the two, but I’m not so sure about that. Allow me to explain my reasoning.

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The whole point of this new epic Charge Cookie that stands in the front is to be the leader of the party. His special, Battlemaster, grants various buffs to allied Cookies. Moreover, every time an allied Cookie dies, Tea Knight gets the Wrath of the Commander. This is one of the keys to the best toppings for a Tea Knight Cookie build in Cookie Run Kingdom, because the effect can’t be dispelled, and it stacks up to four times. When it hits the max, Tea Knight becomes resistant to interrupting effects.

So, with all of that said, you can hopefully understand why I think Solid Almond or Swift Chocolate could be your best options. The Almond increases the Cookie’s resistance against damage, meaning that you can keep Tea Knight on the battlefield longer, while the Chocolate decreases his cooldown, allowing you to use his special ability more often. You can see how that would be useful. But those are just my ideas; feel free to share your own in the comments.

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