Egg Bush, That's not Where Eggs Come From Disney Dreamlight Valley

In our Egg Bush, That’s not Where Eggs Come From Disney Dreamlight Valley guide, we are going to show you how to complete this duty by growing your very own Spring V-EGG-etable Seeds. Also, we’ll talk about how long it takes for the bush to sprout Spring V-EGG-etable Eggs and more. Let’s dive in!

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egg bush thats not where eggs come from disney dreamlight valley
Egg Bush, That’s not Where Eggs Come From Disney Dreamlight Valley

That’s not Where Eggs Come From Disney Dreamlight Valley

To complete the Disney Dreamlight Valley That’s not Where Eggs Come From duty, you need to pick ten Spring V-EGG-etable Eggs from a bush. From what we understand, you have to grow the bush(es) by yourself. And, no, those Eggs that you get from completing other tasks don’t count, as far as we can tell. So, what you need to do is craft some Spring V-EGG-etable Seeds. How do you do that? Well, you’ll need one Egg-Cellent Fruit, one Wild Spring Egg, and twenty Dreamlight. These resources will net you one bag of V-EGG-etable Seeds. All that’s left to do is plant them as you would any other plant and wait for the bush to bear fruit.

How Long Does The Egg Bush Grow

It takes the Egg Bush about forty-five real-life minutes to grow to full maturity in Disney Dreamlight Valley, so that’s how long you’ll have to wait to complete the That’s not Where Eggs Come From duty. That is, if you plant several bushes at the same time. If you do only one for some reason, then you might have to wait for longer. There are great rewards for collecting Spring V-EGG-etable Eggs. Once you collect 30 Eggs you’ll unlock the first hidden companion – Blue Spring Rabbit. At number 60 Pink Spring Rabbit is waiting for you, and at number 100 Yellow Spring Rabbit.

And that’s basically all you need to know. If you need more help with the new Easter content in Disney Dreamlight Valley, feel free to check out our other guides. We have articles like Catch the Bunnies Running in the Plaza, How to Get Dreamlight Fruit and Cozy Companion Home Guide.

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