Epitaph Weapon - Warframe Call of the Tempestarii

Call of The Tempestarii is a new quest in Warframe. It’s the first Railjack quest, and it was added in update 30. When you complete it, you’ll be able to start farming the new Sevagoth armor, as well as the associated weapon, calleed Epitaph. Not everyone knows how to start the quest though, or where to look for the weapon. If you’re one of those that are having trouble with this, our Warframe Epitath weapon guide will show you how to start Call of The Tempestarii and where to find the weapon.

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epitaph weapon warframe call of the tempestarii
Epitaph Weapon – Warframe Call of the Tempestarii

How to start Warframe Call of the Tempestarii – Update 30

In order to get the Call of The Tempestarii quest in Warframe, you’ll first have to complete the Deadlock Protocol quest. Once that is done, and you’ve downloaded update 30, you’ll also have to get a railjack. Once both of these prerequisites are fulfilled, you’ll gain access to the Call of The Tempestarii quest.

How to get the Epitaph in Warframe

After you complete the Call of the Tempestarii quest, you’ll get the blueprints for a new Warframe, the Sevagoth. We’ve already written about the ways to get Sevagoth parts, and the process is pretty much the same for the Epitaph.

You’ll need to go to Earth, Venus or Saturn, and complete Void Storm missions there. They can be found under Void Fissures, as they’re pretty much the railjack equivalent of those. Each part only has a 10% or so drop chance, so it might take a while. Just keep doing them, and in time you’ll have all the parts you need to assemble Sevagoth’s cool sidearm. It’s a wrist mounted that fires slabs, either slow moving regular ones, or high velocity charged ones that break through barriers. It also does more headshot damage when used by a Sevagoth warframe.

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