Eriksen FUT Fantasy FIFA 22 Mistake

The Eriksen FUT Fantasy FIFA 22 mistake is causing a lot of chaos right now. Every player that had a gold card of Christian Eriksen seems to have gotten an enhanced version of it instead. Needless to say, people want to know what’s happening there, and what EA is gonna do in response, if anything. So, let’s see what we know so far.

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eriksen fut fantasy fifa 22 mistake
Eriksen FUT Fantasy FIFA 22 Mistake

FIFA 22 Eriksen FUT Fantasy Card Mistake

The Christian Eriksen Fantasy FUT card mistake in FIFA 22 has turned all golden cards of this particular player into higher-tier cards, as we’ve said already. Not only that, but it seems that some of them are tradeable, depending on whether or not the card you had in the first place was tradeable. And all of this has happened at no charge for players that owned the cards. This has caused quite a commotion; after all, this change raised the rating of the card to 90 and upgraded the stats significantly. Quite the advantage, to say the least.

One of the first people to break the news was FUTZONEFIFA on Twitter, to give credit where its due. So, what exactly is going on? Well, EA has not put out any official statement on the situation at time of writing, so we have to engage in some guesswork. It would appear that the Eriksen FUT Fantasy FIFA 22 card mistake happened because the new FIFA 22 Fantasy FUT promo is supposed to kick off today, at 6 PM GMT. In other words, this could very well be a fluke where they released this card for everyone because somebody pressed the wrong button somewhere.

Now, it is possible that EA was just feeling generous and decided to surprise everybody with a stealth card upgrade. However, I don’t think that’s very plausible; they’re not exactly know for their generosity. I think the more likely version of events is that this was a complete accident, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the devs were working hard on trying to reverse it. We’ll have to wait and see what happens. In any case, make use of the Eriksen FUT Fantasy card while you can.

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