Error Dragon Value Pet Simulator X

The April Fool’s event in Pet Sim X brought several new pets to the game. One of these is the Error Dragon. A Mythical Pet, the Error Dragon is a reskin of the regular Dragon pet, and it looks just like the ordinary Dragon, only with a purple-and-black checkboard all over it, indicating that it has missing textures in place. This makes it a great April Fool’s-themed pet, and one that players are eager to get. If you are interested in learning the value of the Error Dragon in Pet Simulator X and how to get it in the game, this guide is here to help.

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Error Dragon Value Pet Simulator X
Error Dragon Value Pet Simulator X

Error Dragon Value Pet Sim X

The value of the Error Dragon in PSX depends on the variant that you want to buy or sell. So let’s see what each of them costs. To begin with, the Normal Error Dragon is valued at 5 Million Diamonds. The Shiny Error Dragon at 20 Million Diamonds, the Golden Error Dragon at 15 Million Diamonds, the Rainbow Error Dragon at 60 Million Diamonds, and the Dark Matter Error Dragon at 200 Million Diamonds. In Hardcore mode, they are even more expensive: the Normal Hardcore Error Dragon costs 100 Million Diamonds, the HC Golden Error Dragon costs 300 Million Diamonds, the HC Rainbow Error Dragon costs 1.2 Billion Diamonds, and the HC Error Dragon Dark Matter costs 4 Billion Diamonds. Please be aware that these prices are changing all the time, and this pet can be more expensive – or cheaper – in the following days.

How to Get Error Dragon in Pet Simulator X

Apart from trading for it, you can get the Error Dragon in Pet Sim X by hatching it from the Error Egg and from the Diamond Error Egg. Both of these eggs are located in the April Fools World.

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