How to Escape the Depths Deepwoken

Knowing how to escape or get out of the Depths in Deepwoken is necessary if you want to return from the land of the dead. It’s your one chance to come back to life, if you fail to exit the Deepwoken Depths, your whole character will be wiped. That’s definitely not what you want to happen. So, let’s find out how to escape the Depths in Deepwoken.

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how to escape the depths deepwoken
How to Escape the Depths Deepwoken (image via Deepwoken wiki)

How to Get Out of the Depths in Deepwoken

To get out or escape the Depths in Deepwoken, there are two things that you need to do. The first way is to exit the Depths in Deepwoken is the “legit” way. You’ll have to go around the City of the Drowned. So, you first need to make your way into the city by finding its huge walls in the distance and go to them, then find the gates and saunter in. From there, you’ll have to ring a bell in each of the districts. Just follow the humming noise they emit, and you’ll do just fine. Once you’ve rung all the bells, head into the tower in the center and ride the elevator all the way up. Complete the trial (if applicable), and you’ll be back among the living.

The second way to escape or get out of the Depths in Deepwoken is more “cheaty,” if you really want to be super-proper about it. Still, it works, so why not go for it? Basically, when you get into the city, climb to the top of one of the taller buildings near the wall. From there, with a precise enough jump, you can get onto the top of the wall. You can then clamber across it to the tower in the center and carefully climb down; just be careful to not alert the guards lets an angel swoop in and murder you. You can see how it’s done in Xeno Gilly’s video below.

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