Escape with Friendly Scav - Woods Factory Gate Extraction in Tarkov

Woods Factory Gate extraction point in Escape from Tarkov is an exit point in the game with a specific requirement: you have to escape with a friendly Scav or PMC. This is easier said than done. To escape with a friendly Scav / PMC, you basically have to find somebody who won’t try to kill you on sight. And, of course, there’s the matter of where exactly to find the Factory Gate in the first place. Well, in our Escape with Friendly Scav / PMC – Woods Factory Gate Extraction in Tarkov guide, we’re going to show you how to extract at Factory Gate at Woods ion Escape from Tarkov, how to escape with friendly scav/PMC, and where to find the Factory Gate exit.

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Escape with Friendly Scav Woods Factory Gate Extraction in Tarkov
Escape with Friendly Scav – Woods Factory Gate Extraction in Tarkov

How to Extract at Factory Gate in Woods – Escape with Friendly Scav/PMC?

To extract at the Factory Gate exit in the Woods map in Escape from Tarkov, you have to find yourself a friendly Scav, if you’re playing a PMC, or a friendly PMC, if you’re playing a Scav. See, to activate the Factory Gate extraction point, one Scav and one PMC have to be standing together. And, of course, you can’t be trying to kill each other, either. If you manage to pull it off, you can get some pretty sweet loot from the Fence.

In short, you have two options to use this exit. Option 1 is to get into a game with a friend, one as a Scav and one as a PMC. Meet each other at Factory Gate, stand there until the extraction is done, and hope to god that somebody doesn’t kill you in the meantime. Option 2 is to find somebody playing a Scav or PMC and communicate to them that you don’t want to fight. I recommend using the fist emote, or the thumbs-up. Flipping the bird probably won’t work.

Then, of course, you also have to communicate your desire to use the Factory Gate extraction point together, and that’s a whole different can of worms. However, if you manage to pull this herculean task off, the Fence will make it worth your while.

Where to Find Factory Gate Extraction Point in Woods Map in Escape from Tarkov?

To find the Factory Gate extraction point in the Woods in Escape from Tarkov, you have to go to the northwest of the map. If you spawn in the west, turn north hugging the edge of the map and try to reach Old Station. From there, all you have to do is follow the train tracks. You will be in the open, so be careful. Once you’re past the White Tanker, you’ll be in view of the huge nuclear cooling towers. That’s where the Factory Gate is. If you spawn near UN Road, then just follow the road and look to the left when you pass the Shack.

If you spawn somewhere around the large lake, simply follow the shoreline to the west / northwest; past landmarks like the Peninsula and Car Crash. You’ll eventually get to the RUAF Roadblock exit point. From there, you can follow the road, past the Bus Stop, and keep an eye out to the right for the train tracks leading to the gate. You can locate them easily thanks to the broken-down truck blocking the road that’s real near the tracks.

If, on the other hand, you happen to spawn in the east or south, then maybe you should consider trying for the Factory Gate some other time. Odds are good that you won’t survive the long trek to the exit point. If you do insist on trying, the best idea I have is to get to the water and follow the shore as described above.

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