Where to Buy Escape From Tarkov & Is It On Steam

Escape From Tarkov has gained popularity over the past few weeks, and lots of folks are eager to jump in and try it out for themselves. However, buying the game isn’t as straightforward as you’d assume. Gifting a copy to a friend or receiving one as a gift yourself is no less of an issue. If you’re wondering where to buy Escape From Tarkov and is it on Steam, this guide will resolve that dilemma.

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where to buy escape from tarkov is it on steam
Where to Buy Escape From Tarkov & Is It On Steam

Where is Tarkov on Steam?

If you’ve tried to find Escape From Tarkov on Steam, you’ve probably had no luck. This is because the game isn’t available on Steam. It may seem like a strange choice in this day and age, but it isn’t the first, and certainly not the last to go down this road.

Where to buy Tarkov?

If you’ve looked around other storefronts, like Epic or GOG, you might’ve notice it’s missing from them, too. In fact, the only place you can buy Escape From Tarkov is the official website. You’ll need to register an account and download their launcher. They do accept pretty much all major payment options, so you shouldn’t have any trouble there.

How to gift Tarkov to a friend?

When you go to the official website, click the big shiny preorder button in the middle of the page. Scroll down to the edition you want, and you’ll see the preorder button. Below it, there’s a another link, marked “Purchase a gift copy”. If you select that, you can either enter a friend’s email address and have the email delivered to them automatically, or you can send them the activation code yourself.

how to gift tarkov to a friend

How to accept a gift copy of Tarkov?

If you end up on the receiving end of an Escape From Tarkov gift, you’ll need to activate it. To do this, you’ll first need to register an account on the website and dowload the launcher. Once you have it, open it up and log in. Click the arrow in the upper right corner, below your username. The second option from the top will be “activate code”. Select that, then enter the activation code you got from your friend. After that, you’ll become a proud owner of your own copy of EFT.

how to accept tarkov gift

It’s all relatively straighforward, but it’s no mystery why people are as confused about it as they are. Most players are used to having everything on Steam, and they know how things work there. Sad as it may be, buying a game directly from the developer in this day and age might seem daunting to anyone not used to it. There’s also the matter of safety and trustworthiness of a random website, and the reluctance of having them store your payment information. Well, if security is a high ranking concern of yours, you probably aren’t keeping considerable amounts of money on the account you use for online purchases anyway.

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