Festive Anglerfish Disney Dreamlight Valley

Not sure where to find the Festive Anglerfish in Disney Dreamlight Valley? The Winter update for Disney Dreamlight Valley has arrived this December with new holiday-themed recipes, new fish, and the Festive Star Path with a host of new items to unlock. To prepare some of the new recipes, you’ll need to catch various Festive Fish. This guide explains how to catch the Festive Anglerfish in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

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Festive Anglerfish Disney Dreamlight Valley

How to Get The Festive Anglerfish In Disney Dreamlight Valley

The Missions in Uncharted Space update wasn’t only about Woody, Buzz, and Stitch. It has also arrived with several new dishes and items, all themed around winter and Christmas. For many of these new recipes, you need to catch Festive Fish. Our separate guide outlines where you can find all of these. However, many players seem to have issues with capturing the Festive Anglerfish. And you’ll need to capture it both to complete the “Even Fish Are Festive” quest and to prepare some dishes. So, how to get it?

To catch the Festive Anglerfish, you’ll need to visit the Forgotten Lands. However, the catch here is that this fish will not spawn anytime during the day. Namely, many players have the “Festive Anglerfish not Spawning” issue. Is this a bug, or is it simply something you are doing wrong? The trick is – this Festive Fish only spawns after 6 pm, your local time. After all, this is a nocturnal creature. Hence, you will not be able to find it during the day. Finally, another essential thing to remember is that this fish does not respawn. In fact, none of the festive fish will pop up again in an area where you already got it once. Thus – use it wisely! With that said, that’s all you need to know, and our guide is completed. Have fun during the Holiday season!

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