FF7 Rebirth Skip Chapter 1 Nibelheim in Full Game

If you have already played through the Demo Chapter, then you’re no doubt wondering is there a way to skip the FF7 Rebirth Chapter 1 Nibelheim in the full game. Seeing as many players were estatic to play through the demo and don’t want to have to repeat playing through the same section again before they can get to the new content, this would be a very welcome option to have. And, luckily, this feature has indeed been included in the full release of the game. Though, you need to be aware of how it works before you can use it to skip over this previously-played content. We are going to show you how to do this.

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FF7 Rebirth Skip Chapter 1 Nibelheim in Full Game
FF7 Rebirth Skip Chapter 1 Nibelheim in Full Game

How to Skip FF7 Rebirth Chapter 1 Nibelheim in Full Game?

First things first, to be able to have this option, you will – of course – have needed to complete the Demo Chapter of FF Rebirth beforehand. And on the same PlayStation 5 device. If that is indeed the case, the next step is to select the Bonuses option from the game’s main menu. From there, use the “Check Saved Data” option. The game will then scan your PS5’s hardrive for the saved data from the FF7 Rebirth Demo and automatically apply it.

After that, start the game. Note that you will still need to play through certain elements of Chapter 1. For example, the first fight. If you have done everything correctly, you’ll get a pop-up screen notifying you that you can skip the Mako Reactor investigation and to resume playing from the village. So while you can’t exactly skip the entire Demo Chapter, this is still going to save you a lot of time and effort from having to play through the Mako Reactor investigation all over again.

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