Skull and Bones Barque Ship

Skull and Bones Season 1 “Raging Tides” is out and with it – a whole bunch of new content that has been added to the game. Naturally, this also includes new ships that you can get. One of these is the Barque Ship. This is a Rank 5 Ship with impressive healing capabilities. As such, it is definitely something that you will want to unlock and obtain. And to help you do exactly that, we are going to show you how to get the Skull and Bones Barque Ship.

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Skull and Bones Barque Ship
Skull and Bones Barque Ship

How to Get the Skull and Bones Barque Ship

The only way to get the Barque Ship in S&B is through the Smuggler Pass. Specifically, you need to get 45 Smuggler’s Marks, after which you can use these to unlock the blueprint for the Barque as a Seasonal Pass reward. The Barque Ship comes with the Revitalized Perk. Its effects are as follows: “Restores 0.5% of Severe Damage and 0.5% of Hull Health per second, as well as for nearby friendly ships. Resores 15% of Stamina, 10% of Severe Damage and 60% more of Hull Helath on a friendly ship while using a repair weapon.”

As for other stats, the Barque has 36.000 Hull Health, 7200 Brace Strength, 11 Kn Speed, 15 Kn Trimming Speed, 70.000 Cargo Capacity, and 100 Stamina. Its loadout potential includes the Bow, Broadsides, Stern, and Auxiliary, and it comes with five Furniture Slots. Once you have unlocked it, you will then need to build it with the following materials:

  • x12 Magnetite Ingot
  • x12 Roselle Cloth
  • x12 Greenheart Plank
  • x18 Zinc Ingot
  • x2 Screw Mechanism
  • x3 Cogwheel
  • x1 Precision Drilling Bit
  • x12.000 Silver

How to Earn Smuggler’s Marks for Skull & Bones Season 1

You have to earn Smuggler Points, which are then converted into Smuggler’s Marks. You’ll get 1 Smuggler’s Mark for each 1000 Smuggler Points. To get Smuggler Points, you need to raise your Infamy level, or to complete weekly and monthly challenges. It can take quite a while to grind until you have enough Smuggler’s Marks to unlock the Barque Ship, so take your time playing the game.

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