FFXIV Delubrum Reginae - How to Start, Rules & Features, Savage

Delubrum Reginae is a new large scale duty in Final Fantasy XIV, added in patch 5.45. The raid is available to players above level 80, up to 24 of them, and it’s expected to take around three hours to finish. If you’re wondering how to enter it or what to expect once inside, our Final Fantasy XIV Delubrum Reginae guide will tell you everything you need to know.

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ff14 delubrum reginae
FF14 Delubrum Reginae

How to enter Delubrum Reginae?

First of all, make sure you’re at max level. You need to be level 80, regardless of whether you’re a Disciple of War or Disciple of Magic. You also have to complete a quest called A Sign of What’s to Come. Once you’ve met the requirements, talk to Mikoto at the Lost Trace or Sjeros in Gangos. If you want to enter as an alliance or a party, the leader will have to talk to the stewards instead of individual players.

Delubrum Reginae rules & features

Once you’re in, all gear will be adjusted to item level 430, and all materia bonuses will be ignored. You’ll be allowed to alter party composition even after you’ve begun, which is the first time this has been allowed. On the other hand, countdowns, field markers, and signs are shared among all players in the raid – also a first.

Any lost actions you get on the Bozjan southern front will be valid in the raid. You can use them to compensate for roles your party is missing, since you can’t change jobs once you enter. You can also use them to detect traps, which is extremely useful. Traps are invisible until triggered, and they either deal lots of damage or apply debuffs.

If you’re incapacitated in the raid, you’ll lose mettle. Same goes for abandoning the raid before it’s over, or returning to the start. Thankfully, your resistance rank can’t go down because of this.

Delubrum Reginae (Savage)

Once you complete the raid for the first time, you’ll unlock the savage version. This one’s meant for 48 players, and requires you to have at least 15 resistance rank and 700k mettle. The rules and features are the same as in the regular version, apart from one. When you go down, if you’re not revived before the timer runs out, you’ll be kicked out of the raid. You can’t return to the start either – you have to be revived by others or quit the raid.

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