FFXIV Error 4004 Kicked from Queue Workaround

The FFXIV Error 4004 Kicked from Queue workaround is something some of you might have to figure out. This error is one of a bevvy of connection and server related issues that fans have been encountering lately. This particular issue happens if you wait for too long in the queue. This workaround is just a potential solution that is far from ideal, but it’s at least something.

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ffxiv error 4004 kicked from queue workaround
FFXIV Error 4004 Kicked from Queue Workaround

4004 Kicked from Queue Error Workaround in FFXIV

The FFXIV Error 4004 Kicked from Queue workaround might not work for everybody, that’s something that I have to make clear up front. That is just the nature of many unofficial, jury rigged solutions, unfortunately. However, given the desperate situation that FF14 has been putting players in lately, it’s worth giving a shot. It is risky, no doubt about it, but it can’t make the situation much worse, at the very least.

Now, the workaround does seem counter-intuitive, but it can work. Basically, as you’re waiting in the queue, it seems that if you exit the queue on your own and go back in, the game will actually save your spot. So, when you get to number one and the dreaded eternal wait begins… leave the queue and go back in. If you’re lucky enough, you’ll be back in the first spot and the timer will have restarted, or you might even get into the game immediately.

That’s the FFXIV 4004 Kicked from Queue error workaround. Again, it might not work for you, but if you get the error, you’ll get booted to the end of the queue no matter what. It has apparently worked for -Rho-Aias, so it might for you, too. Incidentally, Error 4004, much like many others, is caused by server congestion and waiting in the queue for too long, which has been a huge problem lately, so much so that the dejection of the fan base has become palpable. I hope, like so many of you, that the developers will fix the situation soon. Let us know in the comments below if the workaround did something for you, or if you have a home-brew fix of your own that you’d like to share.

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