FFXIV Fashion Report - Magnificent Majesty

This week’s FFXIV fashion report is Magnificent Majesty. By dressing up to best suit the brief, you can earn rewards in Final Fantasy online. Luckily, this week’s brief consists of clues used previously. This makes it a great opportunity to get a big score with large rewards. Read on as we discuss the FFXIV fashion report and tips for Magnificent Majesty.

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FFXIV Fashion Report - Magnificent Majesty
FFXIV Fashion Report – Magnificent Majesty

Every week, you can take part in the FFXIV fashion report challenge. This involves a visit to the Golden Saucer. While here, you need to speak to the Masked Rose. He will provide you with the weekly brief.

This clue will break down into smaller clues for each section of the body. Your task is to wear an outfit or item that matches the given brief. The more suited the outfit is, the higher you will score. This week’s theme is Majestic Majesty, suggesting the items all have a regal theme to them. CaptainCelese on Reddit has pointed out they have all been used before.

Magnificent Majesty Fashion Report

This week’s clue for headgear is “Royal”. Any crown will work for this. A Butchers Crown, Gamblers Crown, or Paragon Crown will suffice.

Noblesse Oblige is for the body top. A range of items, mainly gowns, can work. The Artisans Gown is the easiest to get your hands on. High House items like a Bustle and Justeaucorps work as well. Any priest or religious robes such as Halonic Priest and Exorcist will be great.

The legs have the Motley Crew clue. All types of Gaskins will suit. Hallowed Ramie Gaskins of Aiming, Casting, Healing and Shikarees Gaskins are possible solutions.

Finally, the right ring has the “Jewels of Violet” brief. The Amethyst Ring, Spinel Ring, and Iolite Ring can work. The easiest to get is the Fluorite Ring which you can purchase from most NPCs.

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