FFXIV Launcher Error 503, HTTPS System Error Issue

FF14 is one of the few truly successful MMORPGs. Thanks to its engaging story, colorful characters, and loads and loads of thrilling quests for players to undertake and powerful items to obtain, it has not only endured since its release way back in 2013, but it keeps attracting millions of daily players to its fanciful world. Though, as is the case with all online games, sometimes errors and similar issues can keep you from playing your favorite games. The FFXIV Launcher Error 503, HTTPS System Error Issue is one such problem. Players get this from time to time and are wondering what is causing it and whether there is anything they can do to fix this. If you, too, have been receiving this error, then this guide is here to explain why it is occurring and if you can do something about it.

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FFXIV Launcher Error 503, HTTPS System Error Issue
FFXIV Launcher Error 503, HTTPS System Error Issue

FFXIV System Error Has Occurred 503, Launcher Not Loading

When you try to run the game, you will instead get the following message: “A system error has occurred: 503. HTTPS System Error”. After that, the launcher will close without starting the game. So why is this happening in the first place? Well, this error seems to occur when the game sees high amounts of player traffic. This is typically when the game has received a big update – usually in the form of a new patch, so players are rushing back into the game to see all the new stuff that has been added and changed.

This means that the cause of the FFXIV System Error 503 is that servers are overloaded and that is why this connectivity error keeps happening. There isn’t really a way to fix it per se, all that you can do is to try and restart the launcher until you manage to connect and get into the game. If this isn’t working, then you should contact Square Enix support for further assistance.

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