FFXIV Lunar Culinarian Fashion Report This Week

FFXIV Lunar Culinarian Fashion Report is a mini-game in the Golden Saucer and this week the outfit clues have changed once more. By wearing the right clothing, you can gain MGP. However, this does take some trial and error. If you don’t have a vast wardrobe, now is the time to make it bigger. Read on as we discuss the FFXIV Lunar Culinarian Fashion Report quest this week.

FFXIV Lunar Culinarian Fashion Report This Week
FFXIV Lunar Culinarian Fashion Report This Week

If you have not done this before, start by going to the Golden Saucer and talking to the NPC Lewena. She will be sat at one of the tables. Here, you can get the Passion for Fashion quest. At the Wonder Square, look for the Masked Rose and Kasumi. They will be stood by a large stained-glass window between two pillars. Kasumi herself can even sell you some items to help with the task.

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The Masked Rose will give you clarification on this week’s fashion challenge. You will see a picture of a mannequin. Next to each slot is a phrase that helps you equip the correct item. These change depending on the week you play.

The task is to dress your character up to best suit the descriptions given. You may already have some items that fit in your wardrobe. However, you may also need to go and locate some items to get a better fit.

Return to the Masked Rose in your outfit and it will go to a cutscene. You will be judged on a meter, which will say how good each item is. A gold seal is the highest level. You get 10k MGP for taking part. Get over 50 points on the meter and you will get 50k MGP.

This Weeks Lunar Culinarian Fashion Report

There are some suggestions from Pineappleclock on Reddit for this week’s fashion items. He noticed that the clue for the feet was last used in the first week of the fashion report in February of 2018. Their suggestions are to go with bridesmaid’s sandals as they are easily purchasable from NPCs and non-gender locked. They suggest the following:

  • Head: Moon Unit – Kabuto of the Blue Genta / Genji Kabuto of Striking, Genta / Genji Kabuto of Casting, Genta / Genji Eboshi of Healing, Sipahi Turban
  • Body: Cooking up a Storm – Galleymaster’s Whites, Augmented Galleykeep’s Whites.
  • Legs: Long Skirt – Plain Long Skirt, Spring Skirt, Yasha Hakama of Healing/Casting.
  • Feet: Cute as a Button – Bridesmaid’s sandals, Artisan’s sandals

If you have additional combinations that score high, please leave your solutions in the comments below and help FFXIV community.

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