Valheim BukeBerries Location

Many new items and mechanics have been added to Valheim with its newest Hearth and Home update, and one of these are the very interesting BukeBerries. This update has introduced many quality of life features, such as the Obliterator, which allows you to disintegrate your useless junk items, and the Cartography Table, which provides you with the option to record and share your maps, and BukeBerries are no different. When you ingest this foodstuff, you will vomit. While this may seem gross (and it is!), there’s actually a very good reason why this was added to the game. AS part of this Valheim BukeBerries Location guide, we will explain where you can find these berries, and what they can be used for.

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Valheim BukeBerries Location

Where to Find BukeBerries in Valheim

Currently, as far as we know, BukeBerries are only available as drops from several enemies in the game. These include Greydwarf Brutes, Greydwarf Shamans, and Deathsquitos. When you kill these creatures, there’s a chance that they will drop BukeBerries. Of course, if it turns out that you can get BukeBerries in Valheim any other way, we will update this guide momentarily. If you’ve run into any other ways to acquire BukeBerries, feel free to share your tips in the comments below.

What Are BukeBerries Used For in Valheim

When you eat BukeBerries, your character will begin to feel sick. Shortly after that, they will start to vomit. No wonder that BukeBerries sound like PukeBerries. The purpose of this is that after vomiting, your character will clear all the food effects that they are currently under. Which makes sense, seeing as they puked all that food up. Since food is such an important element in Valheim, it’s often more advantageous to be under a food effect that, for example, gives you more stamina than health. And, because food can sometimes take a long while to ingest in-game, you having the option to purge this and eat something else is a very welcome addition.

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