FIFA 22 Best Players to Invest In

The FIFA 22 release date is almost here, and fans are wondering which are the best players to invest in this time around. Of course, all of this can change very quickly, since the market wildly fluctuates all the time. So, while this FIFA 22 Best Players to Invest In guide is here to help you make those initial few investments, please keep in mind that this will almost certainly completely change in the upcoming couple of weeks, as soon as everyone gets access to more coins. But, with that said, let’s get into it, shall we?

FIFA 22 Best Players to Invest In

The Best Players to Invest in FIFA 22

Currently, the market is in a very strange way, as meta cards can be low, and some low-rated cards are unusually high in cost. A good investment right now appears to be Romelu Lukaku. This 88 card is very low-priced for this grade, sitting at 57,000 for the PlayStation, and 70,000 for the Xbox. Likewise, Toni Kroos is another excellent 88 grab. His card is significantly cheaper, and you can get it for a measly 8,800 on the PlayStation and 11,000 on the Xbox. Another good card that you can get right now for a low price is Joao Felix Sequeira. This 83 card costs 4,400 on the PlayStation and 5,000 on the Xbox. Odds are good that, as soon as people get more coins in the game, this card is one that will soar in value.

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Dayot Upamecano is an 82 card and is around 15,000, which is really cheap for a player of that caliber. Also, this is one card that is set to significantly increase in price, so it’s best to get it as soon as you can. Finally, on the topic of meta cards such as Messi and Ronaldo. Right now, these are all very cheap, and they will no doubt increase in cost and value. We’d like to thank YouTuber TheSpicyTurtle – FIFA 22 Content for his very helpful FIFA 22 videos.

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