FIFA 22 Loyalty Glitch

The FIFA 22 loyalty glitch is an error that you can exploit to raise a player’s loyalty really quickly. Mind you, EA might patch the bug out at some point, but at the time of writing, it’s working fine. Granted, you might get a bit of a cooldown for quitting too many matches in a row, but who cares? Besides, that can be side-stepped too, as we’ll explain in this guide. So, without further ado, let’s dive in.

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fifa 22 loyalty glitch
FIFA 22 Loyalty Glitch

How to do the Loyalty Glitch In FIFA 22

To do the loyalty glitch in FIFA 22, the first step is to go into have the player you want to raise the loyalty of up to ten contracts. Apply as many of the consumables as are necessary. In fact, you might want to have a contract score of 10 on all the players in the starting eleven. I’m not entirely certain that this is an absolute must, but I do know it does work. Next, put the player in the starting eleven. If you don’t, their loyalty won’t go up. Next, go into Squad Battles and play either Team of the Week or the first featured squad. I recommend sticking to Team of the Week as it’s easily repeatable.

Enter the match normally at any difficulty. As soon as the kickoff happens, aka the beginning pass is completed, just forfeit the match. You will get a loss in the record, yes, but that’s besides the point here. Forfeiting the match should trigger the FIFA 22 loyalty glitch and count as one match played for the player. You now just have to repeat the process nine more time. After you spoof the tenth match, the player’s loyalty badge should turn green, which was the goal. Mind you, you will get a slap on the wrist for quitting too many matches, but nothing too bad. To avoid that, you can also “forfeit” matches by disconnecting your internet connection and reconnecting it. The system should work on all platforms. On PC, you can just unplug and re-plug your Ethernet cable.

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