Find Aether Biome in Terraria

A lot of players are struggling to find the Terraria Aether Biome, the new biome added in Update Labor of Love. Unfortunately, it’s really not easy to find, and only one appears per world. However, there’s a lot to find in there, and so you should definitely find an Aether Cave when you can. So, with all of that said, here’s how you can find them.

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find aether biome in terraria
Find Aether Biome in Terraria

How to Find Aether Biome in Terraria

To find the new Aether Cave Biome in Terraria, you first have to create a new world after downloading and installing the Labor of Love update. No world seeded before that will have the new area. Once that’s out of the way, explore around until you find which side the Jungle biome is on. That’s the side the Aether Cave will be on. Last, but not least, find the Ocean on that side of the world and start digging. Once you get to the Cavern layer, you’re getting close. You’ll have to keep exploring until you get into an area with a starlit background and a giant pool of Shimmer. Mind you, this is going to be quite a chore, but well worth your while for all that precious Shimmer.

And there you have it, that’s how you find the Terraria Aether Cave Biome. Again, it’ll take some finding, but don’t give up. By the way, only one Aether Cave is going to spawn in a world, so keep that in mind. So, with all of that said, what is this Shimmer that I keep talking about? Well, we’ve covered that in detail in our Shimmer Liquid, How to Get & Use guide, but here’s the quick rundown. Shimmer is a new liquid added in the Labor of Love update, and it has many curious properties. For example, it can transmute and upgrade items (except for the one it downgrades or breaks apart into resources), it can let you fall through blocks, and so much more.

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