Terraria Shimmer Liquid, How to Get & Use

If you don’t know how to get and use Shimmer Liquid in Terraria, the new liquid added in the Labor of Love update, you’re not the only one. After all, it’s all still very fresh and new, so a lot of people are still running around and figuring things out. However, Shimmer is really important. That’s why, in this guide, we are going to show you how to find Shimmer in Terraria, as well as list some of its many, many uses.

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terraria shimmer liquid how to get & use
Terraria Shimmer Liquid, How to Get & Use

How to Get Shimmer in Terraria

There are two ways to get Shimmer, the new liquid added to Terraria in the Labor of Love update. The first one is more complicated, but less resource-demanding. You need to find the Aether Cave Biome, which spawns on the same side of the map as the Jungle biome. It appears to only spawn once, so it’s pretty tricky. That said, you will be able to find a significant quantity of Shimmer here. The only problem is that it’s not infinite.

That’s where the second method of obtaining Shimmer comes in. You’re going to need an Ancient Manipulator, a Bottomless Water Bucket, and ten Luminite Bars. Combine the bucket and the bars in the Manipulator, and you’ll then have an item that produces unlimited amounts of Shimmer.

How to Use Shimmer Liquid in Terraria

Now that we know how to find the new liquid in Terraria, how do you actually use Shimmer? Well, as it turns out, it has a truly staggering number of different uses. We are going to list some of them below, but we’re bound to miss some of them. So, feel free to expand on our list in the comments below.

  • If you jump into a pool of Shimmer without the Chromatic Cloak, you will fall through blocks until you reach an empty space you can exit into.
  • Certain items get upgraded when dropped into Shimmer, while others will get downgraded (for example, Amethyst into regular rocks).
  • Certain items will be transmuted into other items (Life Crystal into Vital Crystal, Life Fruit into Aegis Fruit, Biome Key into Biome Chest, Pink Pearl into Galaxy Pearl, and much more).
  • Critters become Faelings when submerged.
  • Some NPCs get new, cool sprites.
  • Putting Coins into Shimmer gives you a temporary increase in Luck. The more Coins you put in, the longer the boost lasts.
  • Some enemies also get new Shimmer sprites when you dunk them into the liquid, but some turn invisible instead.
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