Find Dragon Shrimps Vampire Survivors

Vampire Survivors is a highly popular indie roguelike. In it, you try to fend off waves of monsters for as long as you can. And, being an Early Access title, Vampire Survivors is still being worked on and new content is being added to the game all the time. With the most recent update, a new character is now available to choose and play as. This character is none other than O’Sole Meeo. A dog that shoots flowers from its behind, O’Sole Meeo makes for a fun addition to Vampire Survivors. However, to be able to unlock this character, you will first need to dispatch 3000 Dragon Shrimps. But where can you find Dragon Shrimps in Vampire Survivors? We’re here to answer that question.

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Find Dragon Shrimps Vampire Survivors

Where to Find Dragon Shrimps in Vampire Survivors

Dragon Shrimps can only be found at the Gallo Tower. This is the fourth stage of Vampire Survivors, and you can unlock it by reaching Level 60 at the previous stage – Dairy Plant. When you arrive at the Gallo Tower, you will encounter the Dragon Shrimp there (among other enemies, of course). True to their name, this enemy looks like a bony dragon shaped like a shrimp. You need to kill 3,000 Dragon Shrimp to unlock O’Sole Meeo. This is a pretty big amount of Dragon Shrimp that you need to kill, so you may need to grind in order to get this pup.

The Dragon Shrimp spawn in several waves, with the fourth and last wave, in particular, having a huge amount of them. So, it might even be possible to get O’Sole Meeo on your first try. Even better, since the game counts your total number of enemy kills – including Dragon Shrimp – you may have already killed enough of them in previous runs to automatically unlock the dog character.

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