Find Marcel Sniper Elite 5

In our Find Marcel Sniper Elite 5 guide, we’re going to cover a few important aspects of this mission. For one, we’ll show you where to find the location of Marcel and his missing key. We’ll also explain where his safe is, which you need to know to complete the objective. Lastly, we must cover the bugs that can prevent you from getting Marcel’s key, and what you can do about them.

find marcel sniper elite 5
Find Marcel Sniper Elite 5

Find Marcel in Sniper Elite 5

To find the location of Marcel in Sniper Elite 5, you need to figure out which house in the Atlantic Wall mission is his. Well, it’s the yellow-brick house on Rue du Prince that has the Cross of Lorraine (aka a cross with another line through the top) painted on the wall. That’s in the west of the map; check out the screenshots below to see where it is.

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Once you arrive at the house, through what seems to be a muddy driveway, you’ll see that there’s a vine leading from the ground up to the top floor, aka the attic. Climb it all the way up and hop in through the window. There, you’ll find the body of Marcel in Sniper Elite 5, and you can loot his key from the body. There’s a bunch of other equipment in there that you can grab. Then, go into the side room and move the boards covering the hole in the floor.

Drop into the bathroom below, head out, then go into the first room on the left. On the floor near the bed, you’ll see a safe that you can open with Marcel’s key. Do just that to complete the objective.

Sniper Elite 5 Missing Marcel’s Key

So, now that we know where to find Marcel in Sniper Elite 5, we have to talk about the “Missing Marcel’s Key” situation. You will get this message if you come across the safe in the floor before you find Marcel’s key. However, there are a couple of bugs you might encounter that will completely prevent you from getting the key in the first place. Sometimes, it won’t spawn, and Marcel’s body will have nothing to loot. Another glitch can happen where you loot the key, but it doesn’t appear in your inventory. The only fix for this is to restart the level and sadly lose progress. On the bright side, it seems that the devs are aware of these bugs, and will hopefully issue a fix soon. THe game is pretty buggy overall, including the Steffen Beckendorf mission and many others.

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  1. T
    Tam Borland

    If the ‘Missing Marcel’s Key’ appears even though you’ve collected it, if you go to an earlier Save Point it negates the need to start the whole level. Happened to me. I only had to go back to just prior to entering Marcel’s building. Retrieved key and opened the safe 2nd time.

  2. M
    Marcus C

    Don’t restart the level!! I tried loading a save a few mins prior to this and “BOOM” had the key and kept moving on. Hopefully this helps someone out.

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