Sniper Elite 5 Rat Bomb, Kill Ehrlich Using a Rat Bomb

While Sniper Elite 5 is predominantly about being a, well, sniper, and making those almost-impossible shots from a distance away, there’s no shortage of other, more elaborate ways to take out your targets as well – similar to the well-known Hitman videogame franchise. One of these targets is none other than Matthaus Ehrlich. In Mission 4, you will be able to kill him using a Rat Bomb. But how does this work, and what do you need to do here? In this guide, we will explain how you can kill Ehrlich using a Rat Bomb in Sniper Elite 5.

Sniper Elite 5 Rat Bomb, Kill Ehrlich Using a Rat Bomb

How to Use Rat Bomb Sniper Elite 5, Find and Kill Matthaus Ehrlich

This occurs in Sniper Elite 5 Mission 4 – the War Factory. The challenge requires that you blow up Matthaus Ehrlich with a Rat Bomb. You can pick this particular item up at the very beginning of the mission. It is placed on a dresser near the exit of the Resistance HQ. Don’t forget to get it before you leave. You’ll be looking for Ehrlich in the southwestern corner of the map. Once you get there, stay out of sight, you don’t want to alert him to your presence. At least, not yet.

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In the large room here, there are three white outlines of dead rats. When you approach each of these, you will get an action prompt to plant the bomb there. Do so, it doesn’t matter which rat spot you choose to plant the bomb on. Then, after Ehrlich goes into the room (if this is taking too long, lure him there with the Whistle), he will be drawn to check this dead rat. When he does that, the bomb will go off, killing him. As a reward for completing this challenge, you will be awarded with some additional XP and the Machine Pistol 44.

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