Find Steffen Beckendorf Sniper Elite 5

Knowing where to find Steffen Beckendorf in Sniper Elite 5 is not an absolute necessity, but it is a useful side mission to complete. If you do everything that’s asked, your reward will be a potentially useful weapon. Sadly, there seems to be a bug that can stand in your way. So, in this guide, we’ll show you how to find and kill Steffen Beckendorf, as well as what to do if he is missing.

find steffen beckendorf sniper elite 5
Find Steffen Beckendorf Sniper Elite 5

Find And Kill Steffen Beckendorf Sniper Elite 5

To find and kill Steffen Beckendorf in Sniper Elite 5, you’ll have to locate him in the Atlantic Wall mission. His assassination is going to be in the Kill List missions, and selecting it will give you a marker that takes you straight to him. Basically, he drives around the southwest of the map on a predetermined path and stops occasionally. If you want to complete the mission properly and get the reward, you have to blow Steffen up.

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find and kill steffen beckendorf sniper elite 5
Steffen Beckendorf location (click to zoom in)

There are two ways to do this, and both of them involve you scouting his route out first. Once you know where his car drives and where it stops, you can hop into action. The first option is to place several Teller Mines down the path and then just wait. The other, more complicated and personal method is to get some Panzerfausts from the pier at the southwesternmost point of the map and chill near one of the points where the car comes to a rest. Aim and fire a rocket at Beckendorf.

Sniper Elite 5 Steffen Beckendorf Missing

Now that you know how to find and kill Steffen Beckendorf in Sniper Elite 5, you should know that there is a bug that can cause him to go missing. As in, he just doesn’t spawn. This glitch can unfortunately impact other important enemies, too. The only thing that seems to fix it is restarting the game, sometimes more than once. If you know of a more elegant fix that can’t cause you to potentially lose progress, let us and everyone else know in the comments below. And, of course, you should probably contact Rebellion Development support, so that the devs know there’s a problem.

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  1. M

    In my game, he was riding around for a while, but when I went to find him, it showed him as 2 metres below the ground, and on the mission screen it had marked the explosive requirement as failed even though I never even got a shot at him.

    Thankfully it’s not a requirement to complete the mission.

  2. S

    He didn’t spawn for me or if he did the way point kept trying to take me to the spot he vanished. I know it’s a new game but this is a serious glitch. Hope it gets patched soo

    1. T

      I too am having the same issue on a PC using Steam. I have verified the files and restarted the game several times to no avail.
      I have sent a bug report to Rebellion.

  3. T

    I eliminated all and when it was time to find Steffen the closest I could get was 24m by hanging on a retaining wall. He never shows nor does his ride or guards. He’s buried somewhere.

  4. I

    The guy is missing, still not fixed…

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