Find Telephone Card & Payphone Ghostwire Tokyo Blindness Mission

If you want to know where to find a Telephone Card and Payphone location in Ghostwire Tokyo, you are probably doing the Blindness main mission. In Blindness, you and KK are searching for your target, and in order to reach the target, you’ll need to contact Rinko. Rinko is an old friend of KK, a very resourceful one. We will need to reach him in order to get info on our target. The only way to contact him is by using a payphone. And for that, we need to find a Telephone Card. Read on to learn where to find a Telephone Card and a Payphone in the Ghostwire Tokyo “Blindness” mission.

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Find Telephone Card & Payphone Ghostwire Tokyo Blindness Mission

Ghostwire Tokyo Telephone Card Location

First thing first, we need to find a Telephone Card if we want to use a Payphone. Payphones are old but surprisingly useful technology in these dire times in Tokyo. To find the Telephone Card, head to the general location of the quest marker for it. You’ll spot a cute dog near a trash container, and a bag of Dog Food next to it. Grab the Dog Food and interact with the doggo to feed him. The dog will be grateful for that, and he will lead you to what we are looking for. Follow the dog until he brings you to a location with a pink purse on the ground. And right there, you’ll see a Telephone Card! Pick it up, and with that, the first part of this quest is completed!

Where to find Payphone in Ghostwire Tokyo Blindnes Mission

Now when we have the Telephone Card, all that has left is to find the Payphone. This part is much more straightforward. Just set up your map marker on the location of the quest, and then follow the marker in the game until you reach the Payphone. There, you will need to fight off a few ghosts, and then you can safely use the phone booth. Enter the booth, use the card, and contact Ed. Ed will brief you with the latest development and with that our “Find Telephone Card & Payphone Ghostwire Tokyo Blindness Mission” is finished!

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