Fire Emblem Engage Anna Best Class

Like previous entries in the series, FE Engage has many characters for you to play as and get to know. All of these characters start off with their own class, which may not be the best one suited for their particular stats and skills. Take Anna as an example. You will recruit her during Chapter 7, and this young warrior from Elusia is an Axe Fighter. While you can certainly play the game with her as this class, you will have much more success with her in the game if you switch her to another class. Read on to learn which is the best class for Anna in Fire Emblem Engage.

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Fire Emblem Engage Anna Best Class
Fire Emblem Engage Anna Best Class

Best Class for Anna in Fire Emblem Engage

When you get Anna, her initial stats are: HP 29, Strength 10, Magic 2, Dexterity 9, Speed 7, Defense 4, Resistance 5, Luck 3, and Build 7. Her stat growth is then: HP 55, Strength 15, Magic 50, Dexterity 50, Speed 50, Defense 20, Resistance 35, Luck 45, and Build 5. As you can see, she is very ill-suited for Axe Fighter. In fact, a much better choice for her would be a Magic-based class. To do this, first, level her up to Level 10. Then, switch her to the Mage base class using the Second Seal.

Continue leveling her up in Mage until Level 20. This is when you can switch her to Sage Advanced Class via the Master Seal. To do this, you need the Staff and Tome Weapon Proficiencies, so make sure you have these unlocked. If you are unsure how this works in FE Emblem, we have a separate guide on Weapon Proficiencies. We’d argue that the Sage is an optimal choice for her, but you can also turn her into a High Priest or Griffin Knight instead. Or, alternatively, you can also go the route of having her be a Flier or Cavalier and then advancing into Wolf Knight.

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