Fire Emblem Engage Weapon Proficiency Explained

The Fire Emblem series is known for – among other things – its wide range of characters you can play with. Naturally, these characters possess different stats, combat roles, and weapons they prefer to use in battle. And, to be able to change the classes of characters, you’re going to need to know how to get various Weapon Proficiencies. Here’s everything that you need to know about this system in this Fire Emblem Engage Weapon Proficiency Explained guide.

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Fire Emblem Engage Weapon Proficiency Explained
Fire Emblem Engage Weapon Proficiency Explained

What Are Weapon Proficiencies in Fire Emblem Engage

A Weapon Proficiency is Fire Emblem Engage is just that – a proficient level of skill with a certain weapon type. Every character in the game starts proficient with a weapon. By using it in battle, they become even more proficient in the use of that weapon. Doing this unlocks new abilities and attacks with that weapon. And if you want your character to respec to another class, you will then have to unlock Weapon Proficiencies. We’ll explain how this is done in the next section.

How to Get Weapon Proficiencies in Fire Emblem Engage

To be able to unlock different Weapon Proficiencies in FE Engage, you first have to bond with the various Emblem Rings. Each of these Emblem Rings has different Weapon Proficiencies for you to unlock. There are a couple of ways to build up bond with Emblem Rings. For example, you can equip units with the desired Emblem before combat. And you can also use bond fragments and have that unit battle in the Arena with that Emblem. The Arena can be found in your central hub – Somniel. And once you have the required Weapon Proficiencies, you can then change your character to another class, provided you meet the requirements for doing so. Note that, once you switch to a new class, you will only be able to use the Weapon Proficiencies for that class. So plan accordingly.

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