Fire Emblem Engage Maddening Skirmishes

The Fire Emblem Engage Maddening Skirmishes are the subject of a lot of discussion among the player base, and not all of it positive. Far from it, in fact. People playing on Maddening difficulty are reporting that skirmishes are not appearing for them. Some of them claim that there are specific situations where they can appear, but these methods don’t work for everyone. So, what exactly is going on? Let’s try and figure it out.

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fire emblem engage maddening skirmishes
Fire Emblem Engage Maddening Skirmishes

Skirmishes on Maddening Difficulty in Fire Emblem Engage

The Fire Emblem Engage Skirmishes on Maddening difficulty have been causing a bit of a debate among fans, as we’ve said in the introduction. This is because they just don’t seem to spawn on this difficulty at all. You might get a tutorial one starting Chapter 11, bit nothing beyond that. The majority seems to be steadfast in their claims that Skirmishes don’t appear at all on the highest difficulty. A few claim that you have to donate enough money to Brodia before you get access to the activity on Maddening, but others dispute the claim. So, there’s no real way to know for sure. Feel free to share your experiences in the comments. Maybe we can solve this mystery together. Honestly, if this is an intentional choice by the developers, I can kinda see the logic behind it.

It might be that Skirmishes are not appearing on Maddening difficulty in Fire Emblem Engage in order to simulate a more “authentic” Fire Emblem experience. On lower difficulties, you can farm Skirmishes for XP in order to level up units before you use the Master Seals. That’s not exactly how the older FE games worked, as far as I understand it. By doing away with Skirmishes on Maddening, the game would effectively force you into making tougher choices by cutting off this easy source of XP. Again, we are not sure if this is actually the case, but it would stand to reason. You want to be hardcore? Well, this sounds pretty hardcore to me. I don’t necessarily think it’s fair, mind you, but it is definitely maddening.

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    What I don’t get is if Skirmishes don’t exists on Maddening then what’s the point of the donation mechanic? A large portion of that seems to be making skirmishes in different regions more lucrative

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