Fire Emblem Engage Yunaka Best Class

Fire Emblem Engage is a game that features a lot of choices. This includes several dozen characters and how you want to use them in the game. Besides choosing which ones you want to take with you into battle, you also need to decide how you want to build that character. Naturally, the character’s class is just about the most important thing you have to consider here. For example, Yunaka starts off as a Thief. But is that really the most optimal route for her? And if not Thief, then what is the best class for Yunaka in Fire Emblem Engage? Read on to find out.

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Fire Emblem Engage Yunaka Best Class
Fire Emblem Engage Yunaka Best Class

Best Class for Yunaka in Fire Emblem Engage

Yunaka is a Thief that joins you during Chapter 6. Initially, her stats start out as: HP 25, Strength 8, Magic 5, Dexterity 14, Speed 12, Defense 9, Resistance 7, Luck 8, and Build 5. And her stat growth is: HP 35, Strength 25, Magic 40, Dexterity 40, Speed 45, Defense 15, Resistance 45, Luck 25, and Build 5. So, what do these stats and their growth indicate and where can you take her? Well, her base class of Thief is actually a great choice for her. You can take her all the way up to Level 40 in Thief alone, and she will perform very well in combat, thanks to Daggers being an excellent weapon in FE Engage. Her high Dexterity and Speed also contribute to her being excellent in Attack Speed and Avoid.

We’d argue that Yunaka performs best as a Thief, but if you are looking for an alternate class for Yunaka, she can also make a more than capable Swordmaster or Wolf Knight. Thief is a Special Class, and Swordmaster and Wolf Knight are both Advanced Classes. This means that you’re going to need the Sword Weapon Proficiency unlocked to be able to switch to either of them. If you are interested in learning about other characters and what classes work best for them, we also have a great write-up on Anna.

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