FNAF Security Breach Endings

There are several different FNAF Security Breach endings that you can unlock by performing specific actions during the game. Some of them are easy as pie, while others require much more work. The better the ending, the harder it is to get. That’s why we’ve put together our FNAF Security Breach Endings guide, in which we’ll show you how many endings the game has, as well as give you brief explanations on how to unlock them all. We’ll try and keep the spoilers to a minimum.

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fnaf security breach endings
FNAF Security Breach Endings

How Many Endings are in FNAF Security Breach

There are six endings in FNAF Security Breach. All of them have a star rating, based on how difficult it is to get them (just like the star rating has worked since the first game in the franchise). These range from one-star for the easiest (and worst) ending, to three stars for the hardest ending you can get. Somewhere in there is the true, canon ending, which surprisingly “only” has two stars. Obviously, you can’t get all the endings in one go; rather, you’ll have to replay the game a few times. Depending on how thorough you are, not even reloading a save might be enough. That brings us to our next point…

How to Get All FNAF Security Breach Endings

To get all FNAF Security Breach endings, you’ll have to perform different things, so it’s probably best to go one by one. The first, bad ending, which has a one-star rating, requires you to simply exit the Pizzaplex through the front door at 6 AM. Gregory escapes alone, and it doesn’t end well for anybody.

The second, good ending, which has two stars, demands you to stay in the building and obtain a Level 7 Security pass. You can then go into the Loading Dock area through the ground floor kitchen and escape that way. Freddie and Gregory escape with in a van. It is a sweet ending, but doesn’t “solve” anything.

For Ending #3, Unmasked, you’ll need to upgrade Freddy with Roxy’s eyes. Then, when the clock strikes 6 AM, escape the Pizzaplex using the emergency exit at the Prize Counter area. You’ll escape to the roof, the place will start burning, and Freddy will save you from Vanny thanks to his new eyes.

The fourth and probably best of the FNAF Security Breach endings is also the true, canon ending. To get it, you’ll have to defeat Chica, Roxy and Monty and fully upgrade Freddy. Then, you use the Old Elevator to go down into the Old Pizzeria and a boss fight ensues. I won’t spoil what happens during and after said fight.

To get the fifth ending (aka Disassembled), you need to play Fazer Blast and discover Vanny’s lair above the arena. Then, as you approach the front door at 6 AM, select the “Vanny” option instead. Press the button in her lair and just follow what the game tells you. Again, not spoiling this one, as it is probably the most gruesome of the bunch.

The sixth and final ending is also the only three-start one. It requires you to complete two Princess Quest arcade games (one in Roxy’s Salon, one in the Arcade, where Music Man is). Then, when you get to an exit, choose the Vanny option, but instead of messing with the button, you can play and complete the third arcade in the villain’s lair. This triggers this ending, which is the trickiest to get.

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