Forspoken Camera Spinning Bug Fix

If you want a fix for the Forspoken camera spinning bug, you’re definitely not the only one. The game has many problems; this one is just one of the more egregious (and yet interesting) ones. It’s not often that the camera in any game starts randomly spinning around; that’s a fairly rare issue. Fortunately, there are a few potential workarounds while you wait for the developers to hopefully patch the bug out.

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forspoken camera spinning bug fix
Forspoken Camera Spinning Bug Fix

How to Fix Camera Spinning Issue in Forspoken

There are several things you can try in order to fix the Forspoken camera spinning bug. The first fix, which seems to have worked for a number of people, is to connect a controller. You want to use a cable, by the way; connecting it wireless seems to only work for a few minutes. Alternatively, you can also unplug your controller / keyboard and mouse and plug them back in. Another option is to go into the Device Manager and then select Human Interface Devices. Disable everything that has the words “controller” or “control,” because Forspoken is apparently just that damn picky. Don’t forget to re-enable everything after you’re done, just in case.

Messing with the controller is not the only potential fix for the camera spinning issue in Forspoken. There are a couple more. For example, it seems that all of your drivers need to be up-to-date, so that is probably the first thing you should do. If you’re using a controller, switch the Xinput settings to DirectInput. Verifying the integrity of the game files on Steam is another thing that might help (right-click the game in the library, click Properties, click Local Files, select Verify integrity of game files). The last bit of advice we have is to just reinstall the game and hope for the best. That’s all we’ve got. If you know of any other possible fixes, let us know in the comments. Heavens know the game is broken enough already; nobody needs the camera freaking out making things even worse.

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    Disabling gamecontroller on device manager fixed the bug.

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