FUT 22 Web App Login – FIFA 22 Companion App

The companion app and FUT 22 web app login for – FIFA 22 are one of its best features. It allows you to trade and manage your squad away from the game. To build anticipation, both are available ahead of the game’s launch on October 1st. You have the choice of using it on a desktop or a mobile device. Read on as we give details on the FUT 22 web app login – FIFA 22 companion app.

FUT 22 Web App Login - FIFA 22 Companion App
FUT 22 Web App Login – FIFA 22 Companion App

How to Login Into FIFA 22 Web App

The web app launched last night and is now available to download. At the time of writing, EA Sports have said its companion app should be released any time now. There are a few stipulations that allow you early access to the web app.

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Firstly, you must have had a club in FIFA 21. This must have logged in before August 1st, 2021. Only then will you get access to the FIFA 22 web app and companion app at launch.

Your club must also still be in existence. If you have deleted your FUT 21 team, then you can not access it. The platform is also quite strong on who they are allowing access to. If you have broken rules before they may not allow you in.

Log in using the email address assigned to your FUT 22 club or your FUT 21 returning status. Turn on login verification to make sure that your account is secure. Make sure you know the answer to your security question.

Neither the FIFA 22 web nor companion app will work if you are simultaneously logged in on a console or PC. When you log out of the game on these, make sure you shut the system down by going back to the main FIFA menu. If not, you may have to wait to log in to the app.

How to Get FIFA 22 Companion App

The web app is for use in browsers and on desktop computers. For use on mobile, you need the companion app. This gives you much of the same functionality from your handheld device. The companion app should release today (Thursday 23rd Sep).

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