Garlic Location Lost Judgment

The Lost Judgement garlic location is the place where you can find a head of garlic for Iyama’s quest chain. As it turns out, there’s more than one way to get your hands on some garlic in the game. One is free, but not as reliable, while the other one is more secure, but also requires you to shell out some money. With all that said, in our Garlic Location Lost Judgment guide, we’ll show you where to find garlic for Iyama and how to get it.

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garlic location lost judgment
Garlic Location Lost Judgment

Where to Find Garlic in Lost Judgment

To find the garlic location in Lost Judgment for Iyama’s quest, there are two things that you can do. The first one is to purchase some garlic from one of the vans in Hamakita Park. Specifically, you can get garlic at the Hero’s Harvest van. It’ll cost you 598 yen. Not a huge price, admittedly, but why spend your money on something that you can get for free? Yes, much like the rose in the previous step, you can just pick up some garlic from the ground.

The place where we found a head of garlic in the northeast corner of the map, near the roll-up door of the Funemiraikan shop. However, it does seem like the these items spawn completely at random, so you might have to extend your search to the entirety of the park. While you’re at it, you might consider eating some food that grants you the Material+ effect. It causes random stuff on the ground to spawn more often, making it easier to find a Lost Judgment garlic location. There’s no guarantee it’ll work, unfortunately, but you can always use the Hero’s Harvest van as plan B.

where to find garlic location in lost judgment
Potential garlic location

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